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It's a happy age when uniqueness is finally being exalted and appreciated. In freedom, you can breathe fully, enjoy life, love yourself, love yourself even more for your uniqueness and be proud of it.

Spices and people, so much in common between us. Each spice gives taste, smell, color to food. Just like we do with our lives. We live in a community and each of us is a spice of that community. Unconsciously, we identify ourselves with spices, saying that life is sweet, knowledge is sour, there is bitterness...

This season's collection is inspired by spices, both in terms of color and taste. Tasteful clothing emphasizes our personality. There is no one spice more important than the other, each one is unique and important, and perfectly combined leaves us with a pleasant aftertaste.

The color range of the collection is enchanting, inspired by: cinnamon, cardamom, herbs, hot pepper and other spices. Next to pastel colors, purple shades became the exclusive highlight of this collection. Monochrome fabrics are dominant because they are more practical, create an aesthetic image, and are easy to combine.

High-quality fabrics create an effortlessly luxurious look. The collection is created using textured fabrics, glossy satin, crepe, knitted angora or wool, coat fabrics with alpaca wool.

Tradition is intertwined with elegance to create exclusive silhouettes that make you feel uplifted. The uniqueness of the collection is minimalistic models with different cuts. The subtle, but at the same time exciting image is created according to the principle - less is more. Long vests, sleeveless jackets, kimono jacket, oversized blouses, wide cropped trousers, flowing A-line skirts, long shirts and blouses. The models are decorated with wide and narrower belts that emphasize the waist.

Practicality remains one of the essential features of clothes designed by Bliss By Violeta. The clothes are not restrictive, easily combined with each other, non-binding, allowing you to go to a party after work. Elegant clothes, as if touched by sporty street style.

Layering remains an important focus of the collection. This is especially relevant in the cold season, because you can look stylish with three or four layers of clothes. Different fabrics and colors, textures and patterns create a unique look. The Bliss By Violeta collection is harmonious, so you can confidently layer and combine them without fear of making a mistake about the color or model.

A hat is an iconic accessory that goes with everything, worn with dresses, coats, and tunics. This is a spice that enchants and completes the whole image, not capricious, but very important, in order to emphasize otherness and drasiness.

Sustainable fashion is not a whim, but a constant pursuit of the Bliss By Violeta fashion house. All model constructions are cut only after a good calculation and assessment of how much waste will be generated. It is always aimed to reduce them to a minimum. It is often necessary to change the design of the pattern to avoid unnecessary fabric waste, and when it is formed, it is reused to create other beautiful things or donated for further meaningful use. Nature has gifted us with good things, so it is necessary to protect and preserve it.

"I create with love, thinking about women, their feelings while wearing my designed clothes. The most important thing for me is to be happy to see that I can make another person feel happy. You are the spice of my life, I believe that my kurti clothes are also the new spice of your best image."


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