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"I believe that we women are extremely creative. After all, it is unforgivable indiscretion to wear the clothes bought for the holidays once and leave them in the closet for a year, two, or even ten," says the founder of the Bliss by Violeta fashion house, clothing designer Violeta Sūdžiuvienė. As the holidays are approaching, she has prepared several combinations for those who value clothes decorated with accessories, blooming with new colors and accents.

It is not the first season that designer V. Sūdžiuvienė has been talking about sustainable fashion. Not only language, but also choose long-lasting, high-quality fabrics for their clothes. "I want to create value both for the woman who will wear the clothes and for the environment in which we all live," says Violeta.

Christmas is one of the designer's favorite holidays. "When I think about them, I immediately smile," he says. - Some people think that we are starting to wait for the holidays too early, but I have a feeling that waiting for the holidays is wonderful. As I spread the fabrics for the Christmas collection, I feel the feeling of magical days creeping into the studio and the great joy of sharing."

Violeta is convinced that dressing up in an ordinary dress on holidays is banal. "Intrigue is hidden under the layers," smiles the creator. - Gone are the days when women openly displayed their sexuality and tried to please men. And it's not true that femininity is emphasized by deep necklines and tight-fitting clothes."

In the holiday collection, Violeta especially wanted to abandon banalities, she invites women to dress up as their hearts desire, when transparent merges with opaque, when chiffon caresses velvet, and light fabric is covered by massifs. "This is a completely new version of the Christmas look," says the artist and suggests combining dresses and chiffon skirts with pants, and choosing not only black for the festive evening. "Life is much more colorful," she smiles.

Five combinations for your holidays

1. Intrigue lurks beneath the layers. Combination of trousers, chiffon, blouse and skirt. Together and separately. Accents add spice - a wide belt and an iconic hat.

2. Velvet. Never boring, constantly renewing, extremely comfortable fabric when it's cold. Goes well with chiffon, leather and other fabrics.

3. Black velvet. Luxury from… to. A short blouse and tunic are combined with narrow or wide trousers or a skirt.

4. Gray velvet. A long tunic and leather pants create a casual look. With rougher shoes - for a simpler evening, with a skirt - for a more festive environment.

5. Chiffon flutter. Transparent and opaque in one. For those who love freedom and want to emphasize their figure.

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