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I feel like a happy woman. I consider the greatest gift in my life to be the fact that I managed to find my life's inspiration - a hobby - clothing design. I feel that I enjoy life because there is no unanswered question of what I want to be. And in this case I feel rewarded, because many people never find that one way, they search. Although I have to admit that I am fascinated by people who search, they try a lot, experience, make mistakes, start, create and finally find.

I share my life's journey with my husband - my partner and best friend. Together, we color each other's lives, we complement each other and we are happy that we are one of those couples who do not know how to argue, but who know how to discuss and tolerantly accept each other's opinions. When we make the final decision, we make it so that it has a little bit of both, which I think is the basis of our beautiful friendship. The fullness of our family - children. We feel that we have followed the right path in raising them and that we have passed on to them what we love ourselves. The middle son creates beauty, just like us, he is a constructor - architect, works in Stockholm. The eldest son joined the activities of Bliss By Violetas, creates visual information and generates unique ideas, so that we are interesting to the audience that is interested in us. My daughter grew up and became a beautiful, young girl, maybe my opinion is subjective. She recently joined our activities a little more strongly and became the face of the Dreamy collection. We have received compliments from people around us that our models are beautiful and I believe it.

The basis of my good mood and well-being is physical activity. I like to do sports, do yoga, eat healthy, I am interested in and practice Chinese medicine. It is important for me to know my body and soul, to understand why I feel this way and not otherwise and how my body reacts to my choices.

I am a big nature lover. I observe and love all the vegetation that surrounds me. I grow and shape plants in my home garden. In each of them, I find inspiration, peace, and can witness a never-ending cycle of growth and change that is truly magical. I feel that by giving a part of myself to plants, I get a lot of positive energy from them, after all, they decorate my environment every day. I like to discover never-before-seen vegetation, that's why I love traveling, there is always something to discover, something to learn.

If you ask me what my working hours are, I would say that they are all the hours in my life. I am a designer with every cell in my body, every day of the week and every moment. Inspiration can visit me at any moment: while I'm in the garden, listening to music, traveling, meeting an interesting passenger or even doing ordinary household chores. I consider it my strength that it is very important for me to improve. I don't believe that being a good artist you can stick to one idea and follow it all your life, because the world is changing, and our environment is changing with it. I believe that living in today's world, we have to change if we want to take everything from life, to feel the true spirit of the times, to be modern people. I am very curious about what is being created, what are the predictions, it is my future, my children's future and the future in which I will not be there, so I try to take everything that this world gives me today.

I am a smart designer with a constant thirst for innovation. The initial models of the collection are born on a tablet computer, not on a sheet of paper, although this is how many imagine the designer's sketches. I visit world exhibitions. I am not only interested in new technologies, but also apply them in real life in the process of creating, modeling and sewing clothes. The clothes I create are not just an expression of inspiration turned into clothes. Bliss By Violeta clothes are imbued with the latest technology, created according to the principles of professional fashion

I consider the evaluations of female clients to be the highest professional achievement. I do it for them and I love every client, because it is they who, by wearing the clothes I have created, confirm that everything I do, I don't do it for nothing. I am a maximalist, so I think not only technologically, the clothes I create must meet comfort standards. I myself like to wear clothes that are not only beautiful, but also not restrictive. I do not agree with the saying that beauty requires sacrifice, that is, discomfort. High fashion should bring maximum joy.

I value communication with clients. I am still amazed that they want to meet me and get to know me. I have always considered myself a simple person who has found an interesting way of life and I did not think that it is important for women whose clothes they wear. However, I believe that just as a house can have a positive or negative aura, the clothes I create have my aura. Knowing that I create with great dedication and love, I believe that women feel that part of me in my collections.

Clothes, style and fashion play an important role in my life. I am not only talking about the profession of a designer, but about myself as a woman. I know that the day when you dress stylishly and feel beautiful is perfect: everything is going well, the mood is good and nothing can get you off track. A day is ruined when you rush into the wrong clothes. Due to the fact that I want to feel great every day and bring joy to others, I always choose the outfit for that special day responsibly, after all, every day is special. I am happy to be able to make other women's days special when they wear the clothes I design.

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