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Bliss By Violeta collections are inspired by women. They are colorful, unique and fascinating in their differences. Choosing one piece of clothing can turn into a long-lasting and beautiful friendship, because everyone in our company is thirsty for warm and cozy communication. We get to know our clients and build relationships based on sincere communication. Today we want to introduce you to another client of ours - a friend. She is an exceptional person and can inspire not only us, but also you, dear reader of Bliss By Violeta blog.

Toma, Blis By Violeta customer, although such a description has a commercial tone, we do not want to emphasize that. We want to emphasize that she is one of those women who inspires to create, communicate, get to know, discover. She is a person we really want to introduce you too, because she will inspire you too with her approach to life. One moment is enough to understand that she is so pure, so sincere and so able to appreciate everything around her, especially the human contribution to her life. And now get ready to meet one of our most sincere customers, sit comfortably, because we believe that during the reading you will feel a friendly connection with her and she will become your source of inspiration at least for a while. We asked Toma a few questions, to which she answered:

  • What makes you happy and smile the most in life? Why?

My family, my loved ones. Without them, my life would certainly be much less smiling. I am also inspired by what I do. It's so good to do what you love.

  • Who raised you as a person, the way you are now?

All the closest people around me have influenced my growth as a person. I don't just mean the people around me right now. The friends and relatives I met in my childhood and adolescence had one or another influence in my life. Now that I am a mother, I can say unequivocally that the infinite influence and understanding of life, love and sacrifice in a woman's life is given by the child born. My son not only raised me as a person, he teaches me how to raise another person.

  • How important is family/friends/strangers in your life?

Family and friends are the most important thing in my life, they are the basis of my happiness. Well, strangers are always needed, because they become friends.

  • What inspires you? Do you have a life muse?
The muse of my life is my mother. She is feminine, gentle, very understanding, always smiling. And she is my mother! I always admired her and wanted to take those features that I really like for myself. Of course, over time, I received a gift from life, a new muse - my husband. We have been together for almost 9 years, and he still knows how to put me in a positive mood and inspire me with good thoughts. I am very grateful to him for that. I am also inspired by brave women who know what they want from life. One of them is my calanetics teacher, after seeing whom I realized that I want to do what I am doing now. All these people help me grow as a person, I try to take all the gifts of communication and inspiration from the environment.

    • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be ?

     I never thought about it, if I had thought about it, I probably wouldn't be living in Lithuania. I'm good here. My relatives, friends and relatives are here. It's true, my relatives keep going to Fuerteventura for the winter, so sometimes I dream that I would like to spend time there on rainy and windy days in Lithuania, but on the condition that my relatives will be there.

    • Are you a nature or city fan?

    A difficult question. I currently live in a village. 3 years ago we returned from the capital and settled near Alytus. I always thought I was a city person, but now I'm very good at living in the country. I think that both the city and the countryside are equally important for me, so there is a bar in my heart for everyone.

    • The three most valuable items are?

    No, I can't tell things apart. For me, all things, at every stage of life, can be the most valuable.

    • What event do you consider to be the most significant event in your life?

    Birth of a son.

    • What is your philosophy of life?

    What we give from the heart comes back to us sevenfold.

    • Do you have a hobby? what is he like Why such a hobby ?
    When my hobby became my main activity, I consider being with my little one as my other hobby. I want to do more and more activities with it. It is so exciting to watch your child grow. I thought that my psychology studies were also one of the hobbies and dreams that I am currently rediscovering, spending more and more time thinking about further studies and activities. Why such a hobby? Because the person was always interesting to me in every sense. It is interesting to delve into his emotions, mental state, etc

      • What do you praise yourself for the most?

      For the created family. When I was young, after difficult events in my life, I thought I would work and live for myself. It's so good that everything turned out so differently.

      • What are you scolding yourself for?

      Sometimes I scold myself for being afraid to speak my mind. There are moments when I feel weak and underestimate myself.

      • What is your perfect pastime?

      Going with the family to our homestead or to the beach or anywhere else. Just being with my loved ones here and now is my best free time.

        Everyone wants to be recognized and appreciated. It is not at all surprising that we evaluate great achievements through the professional field. Toma is in love with her work, she is a calanetics trainer with a psychological education and she is pursuing high goals. After reading, each of us will understand that it is necessary to listen to the heart and do what is close to us, what is about us. We asked Tom a few questions about her professional life, and here's what she answered:

        • In what area of ​​life do you feel you are successful, what makes you proud of yourself?
        I always thought that I would work in marketing, that it would be my major life activity. However, unexpectedly, and perhaps expectedly, the sport that has always been in my life has grown into such a beautiful activity and mission that I myself can be sincerely proud of <Toma is a calanetics trainer>. I always knew I would do something with marketing and with movement. Therefore, I feel really good at the moment, because I can fully realize myself. Although I have great ambitions to expand my current activities, I have another passion in which I want to realize myself. I have graduated from psychology studies, which is also a part of me, and in this field I will really realize myself, because ideas are already chasing each other.

          • If you could do anything you wanted in your life, what would you do? Why?

          That's what I'm doing now! I am very lucky that my husband so bravely let me into the wide waters of sports <Toma is happy and smiling> . I would be training, hanging out with women, going on dates with my best friends, and being with my baby and husband! It's good for me not only to move and do sports myself, it's good for me to see that the good feeling after exercise goes to others too!

          • How would you like to live in 5 years? What activities would you do? How would you look? What would you have achieved?

          In 5 years I would like to see my son happy and healthy. To have a husband and relatives nearby. I want to have my own space, where I would invite women to gather for exercise and create a sense of well-being together. And what would I look like… just like now! It's true that a few smile lines appeared, really, nothing like that.

          • What motivates you professionally?

          My family, more specifically my husband, he has been very supportive of me from the beginning to pursue my dreams. Everyone! It's also very motivating to see women who say they feel good because of who I am. A good word from the client helps to move forward more firmly.

          • If you had to sell yourself, what would you say about yourself?

          I don't think I know how to do that. It's always hard for me to say something about myself, who I am.

            A good mood and self-confidence help every woman to achieve her life goals. It is an indisputable fact that a woman's mood depends on the most beautiful dress with which she feels successful, or other clothes with which she feels good. So we asked Toma what influence fashion and beauty have on her life:

            • What are your clothing requirements?

            My outfit requirements depend on my mood. I am a woman. Moods can change, and so can clothes <Toma smiles> . True, two requirements are always the same: comfort and femininity. I like skirts, dresses. I wear pants mostly during exercise, they are stretchy. I wear jeans more often when the cooler weather comes to our country. And dresses and skirts are my everyday life, they are me.

            • What do you think about Bliss By Violeta clothing collections?

            I associate collections with the designer herself. Violeta looks very feminine and a gentle woman. I think that every collection is like a mirror of the designer, so I always follow the news. In every collection, I find what I expect to see, something feminine, soft... However, sometimes I am surprised by solutions that are different, but always complete and interesting.

            • Why did you choose Bliss By Violeta?

            I have to admit that patriotism and love for my country has grown to my roots <Toma smiles> . in the beginning, I was fascinated by the fact that such wonderful clothes are created by people from my hometown - the people of Aly! And then I was impressed by the quality and the collections themselves.

            • What color range prevails in your closet?

            Again, you have to admit that it affects the mood. Yes, everyone will say that Toma cannot live without the color green. <Answers to questions, Toma, written in green>. And it's true. Green has an important place in my life, <she smiles> but not necessarily in my wardrobe. Recently, more and more pastel-colored clothes appear in my wardrobe. By the way, you can't get away without black.

            • What does beauty mean to you ?
            My mother is a beautician. All my life I have seen women in the beauty industry. To this day, my mother takes care of my facial skin and all care products. I haven't bought any creams or other products. As a woman, I am lucky in this matter because I really save a lot <Toma smiles> . Until now, for me, beauty is related to the beauty of the skin of the face. On the other hand, after discovering sport, I realized that it also affects beauty, because it creates a good feeling, i.e. a smile on the face, and a good feeling in the body. I believe everything is connected. A beautiful person only from the outside can not be for long. It is much more important to take care of your general well-being, inner self, and health.
            • What does style and fashion mean in your life?

            I'm not a big follower of fashion. I think I have my own style and I like it so far. For me, the concept of style includes not only clothes, but also lifestyle and character.

            • What is your formula for perfect well-being?

            Exercise, move and love not only others, but also yourself. Also, pamper yourself with face and hair masks, spa, etc. And the most important thing is a smile on your face.

            • If you could only take 1 item of clothing to a desert island, what would it be? Why?

            A dress because it's a dress.

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