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Bliss By Violeta collections inspired by women who are lively, unique and charming with their choices. Choosing one outfit can turn up to be a long-lasting and great friendship because everyone in our company is fond for warm communication. We get to know our clients and establish a relationship based on sincere communication. Today we would like to introduce you to another one of our clients. She is an exclusive and unique person and for sure can inspire you, dear reader as much as she inspired us.

Egle is 32 years old woman, mother, wife, girlfriend. Despite that fact that she has a Master Degree in law, currently she is searching for herself, decided to retrain and seriously considering to go back to study. This should inspire the majority of women who find it difficult to make the step forward and make changes in their life style or a career which they no longer like. Eglė believes that for every woman creativity and self-realization is most important in her life, its joy, its makes glowing her eyes. More, it is the engine of life, which helps to reach ultimate joy, happiness and freedom. 


What makes you happy and what makes you smile? and why? I can't exclude one thing. All things for me are important. Many things give me joy - joy or happiness can vary in degree according to one’s expectations or status, also sometimes it needs to be discovered and recognized. Straight forward joy or satisfaction is to know that the family and people close to me are well and healthy, that I can enjoy summer, that I have possibility to learn new things and can create. Then there is joy which needs working on such as what I am looking for at the moment - a change in career from which I can shift to other fields and activities. Everything that happens in my life is like a gift and I want to make the best of what comes along. 



What made you the personality you are today (who had the biggest impact on you that made you the person you are now)? In my opinion, the growth of personality and self development is a lifetime process. Pretending anytime that one has reached the top of development is completely untrue. We come across new situations everyday that somehow influence our character and personality and this comes mainly through the people we deal with. I can easily say that the biggest influence which effected my growth came from the people closest to me; they helped me become the person I am today. They taught me important lessons in: patience, acceptance and unconditional understanding.



Why are you proud of yourself? I'm glad I dared to try what was just my idea before and started new occupation. I'm glad I wasn't afraid to make a decision to go out and just try. Tell the truth, I surprised myself because I realized that I am brave and determined. I'm glad that I found time for learning and started new studies at university.



What is the importance of family / friends / strangers in your life? The most important factor in my life is the family and my relatives. They are the basis of my happiness, and I can say that they are most reflects us in the world. They consider themselves as the most loved, but at the same time I need to learn how to be patient, love and respect them and even accept their opinions. They are very important to me and more and more I am feeling that they are the main source of my growth, goodness, happiness and strength. Friends and other people on my way give me inspiration and self confidence whilst they fill me with happiness.



What inspires you? Do you have an idol in your life? I am inspired by genuine and sincere people. It's amazing when you don't know a person, you see him for the first time, but you feeling very close to him. I am also inspired by travel and nature - then I can rest, can fill myself with new ideas and good energy. It's good to discover and find things which for me still not found, unknown and new, that it is my inspiration.



If you could live anywhere in the world, which place would you choose?  In my opinion, where we were born – that’s is our place. I love my country, nature, people, but from the other hand I am feeling enough free and not attached to a particular place. I would love to live in different countries, I would like to know different cultures, people, discover nature and new cities. In general, I would like to visit several totally different places as Japan, to explore urban and modern life of America, to visit biggest cities in Europe and relax in beautiful beaches of tropical islands.



If you could act in your life just what you wanted, what would you do? Why? I am of the opinion that everybody should have the right and has the freedom to choose what he wants to do in life. The only question is, is it enough to have the courage and the knowledge to do it. At the moment i am very cautious on taking the right decision. Most of all, I would like that my new occupation would help people feel better, calmer and healthier. Whether it's psychotherapy or other activities I don't know yet, but I think those answers are pretty close.


What is your general formula for feeling well? Sleeping, activities, time for myself. I think it is very important to have balance between work, rest, sports, time for ourselves and family, healthy food and small delicious things (she means deserts). In my opinion we all are perfect/ideal and my ambition is to respect myself and others.


Do you have a hobby? What is it? Why such a hobby? I practice several hobbies amongst which are reading, psychology and autonomy but some time ago I discovered new interests: sub-boarding and kiteboarding thus my aim now is to find the time to learn and master this sports in a very short time, I'd like to become friends with wind and water.


We are very curious, so some questions about beauty, style and about us:


What means style and fashion in your life? I think that we all have individual and specific style. Style and fashion must make me feel ordinary but also comfortable. First of all, high heels, tight dresses, even a swimsuit etc., must be comfortable and pretty - an uncomfortable woman will not be able to think about style, fashion or feel beautiful.



What do you think about Bliss By Violeta Clothing Collections?

The first thoughts that comes to my mind about Bliss by Violeta collection – quality, purity and lightness. It is also a classic, classic not in a boring sense, but with a feeling that all cloth is suitable for any situation and never goes out of fashion. I like completeness of this collection, and it seems that every outfit is created till the smallest details and there is nothing more to add.



Why did you choose Bliss By Violeta? Lately I discovered Lithuanian fashion and soon became a follower of Lithuanian designers in both clothing and accessories. I got fascinated by Bliss by Violeta elegancy, style and quintessentially of its garments. Simple and straightforward in design, no unnecessary details, neat and matching colors, refined and with no frills attached. It's perfect.



What colors is dominated in your wardrobe? 

I have cloths of various colors in my wardrobe, but to tell you the truth, I prefer monochrome clothing. I simply like elegant, cosmopolitan one color outfits without any frills. My preference might be a bit boring for others, but i feel so great in one tone outfits. Probably that’s what impressed me most by the Bliss by Violeta collection because their dress don’t just make you feel them but make you wear them. 



What does beauty mean to you? Above all beauty lies in good health, confidence and happiness. These are the prime values in life that make your eyes glow, put a smile on your face and gives you a sense of freedom. I believe that happiness and wellbeingness are the key ingredients which define beauty in woman and is very visible from the outside. 



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