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The new collection of Bliss By Violeta is dedicated to the modern woman, the curious woman who appreciates novelties and is keen in new creations. 

This collection is a reflection of discovering and experimenting. 



Followers of Bliss By Violeta brand know that the Violeta's collections are innovative. Each collection has the meaning, is unique and special attention is paid to each minute detail, and hold an important symbols. 


This autumn's collection is inspired by Florence. Florence is a specific Italian city, is one of Italy’s most important cities, unofficially known as the capital of fashion which competes with Milano the widely renowned fashion capital in Italy. Besides, Florence has much more things to be proud. 


When visiting this Italian city, one becomes an art appreciator. Unfortunately nowadays this city has been hit by commercialism with thousands of tourists, street musicians, flee markets roaming around every corner which depreciates its architectural masterpieces. On the other hand this place is so rich in all types of Arts and the great spirits of the past painters, architects, sculptures would not allow the visitor to bypass such wonders in art.


According to UNESCO, one third of the world's art treasures are found in Florence. Consequently that is the reason why the new collection is so influenced by the art and architecture of this magnificent place. According to Violeta, in Florence you can sense serenity, tranquillity and this feeling dictates that the collection should also reflect peace, serenity and security. With this in mind, the designer felt the need to create this collection in line with this rich environment. And that’s confirm that this collection is a reflection of discovering and experimenting, less attention to technical details.  



The collection is dedicated to women who do not like tight clothing but appreciate the freedom of movement. 


This collection is not restricted to the usual designs which generally are associated to femininity. Here you will see new silhouettes and shapes, exclusive details and unconventional lines emphasizing femininity and sensuality.




Why is this collection so exclusive? Exclusivity is expressed here in cozy designs in pastel and tartan fabrics, multilayer, different length, designed with bell-shaped sleeves or sports style versions, over-sizes jackets (similar to men’s jackets) combined with small dresses. 

Bliss By Violeta women know exactly what they want! Tranquility and peace, its main accents, main factors that describe a woman of this collection, because she found harmony of the surrounding environment, know herself, appreciate art, thirsty to discover and create. The collection is dedicated to women who do not like tight clothing but appreciate the freedom of movement. 



Everything is nice which is related with the senses




Violet is not only a talented designer but she is very sensitive and assertive showing instantly, in every collection what is mostly important here and now. Care for the environment and nature is foremost and a leading value of bliss by Violeta brand. 

In this collection, Violeta specifically wants to emphasize ecology in relation to the love for nature. Love to a woman is expressed through the choice of materials which, brings up a new global problem affecting skin allergies.


To remedy for this issue, Bliss By Violeta uses natural fabrics for their outfits as a precaution and protection to women’s health. Clothing made from eco-friendly fabrics does not only provide a pleasant feeling to the body but is also friendly to nature. 

You do not find cheap fabrics with heavy metals, dangerous paints and dyes including chlorine. 


You will find beauty in natural and simple solutions. 


Everything is nice which is related with the senses .Thats main idea which is representing all collection, when you want to touch that material, when you feeling comfortable with those cloths.


You will find beauty in natural and simple solutions that pleasantly affect the senses. These are the last and one of the most important arguments to prove that the collection is complete, all secrets are revealed. An elegant and unique collection for a brave woman - seeker and discoverer.


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