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Bliss By Violeta collections inspired by women who are lively, unique and charming with their choices. Choosing one outfit can turn up to be a long-lasting and great friendship because everyone in our company is fond for warm communication. We get to know our clients and establish a relationship based on sincere communication. Today we would like to introduce you to another one of our clients. She is an exclusive and unique person and can inspire you, dear reader as much as she inspired us. 

We introduce Toma, a client of Blis By Violeta, though this description may in itself seem a bit commercial, we would additionally emphasize other issues. We would like to point out that she is one of those women who who inspires to create, communicate, get to know, discover. This is the personality we introduce to you today and from whom you may also get inspired. Few moments are enough to make you realize her honesty, sincerity and her appreciation towards humanity and the environment around her life. Now, get ready to meet one of our most sincere customers, therefore sit back comfortably, because we believe you will feel a closer relationship with her whilst reading this interview and it may also become your source of inspiration in a short time. 

We asked Toma a few questions and received the following answers: 

  • What makes you happy and what makes you smile? and Why? My family, my relatives. Surely without them my life would be dull and with much less smiles. I am also influenced by the work I do. It is so good to do what I like. 

  • What made you the personality you are today (who had the biggest impact on you that made you the person you are now)? I think all the people around me mostly influenced my growth into the person I am today. I am not only referring to those people which are around me at the moment but also to those people who I met when I was a little girl, a teenager, and relatives that more or less influenced my life. Honestly when I have children and when I am a mother, I can unequivocally say that the most important influence and understanding about life comes from love and sacrifice given by a child. My son not only raised me as a person, but he teaches me also how to grow other personality. 
  • What is the importance of family / friends / strangers in your life? The most important thing in my life is family and friends, they are the basis of my happiness. Well, strangers are always needed because they become friends. 
  • What inspires you? Do you have an idol in your life? My mother is my life line. She is very feminine, gentle, very intelligent, always smiling. And she is my mom! I was always fascinated by her and wanted to bring out those traits which I liked most. Of course, later during my life I received another gift, a new idol - my husband. We have been together for almost 9 years, and he still knows how to make me feel positive and inspire good thoughts in me. I am very grateful to him. I am also inspired by the strong women who knows what they want from life. One of them is my teacher of Callanetics
    . When I met her, I realized that I wanted to do exactly what I am doing now. All those people helped me grow as a personality, and I’m trying to take advantage of all the gifts of communication and inspiration from all environment. 



“ What we're sharing from our heart, its coming back seven times more”. 



  • If you could live anywhere in the world, which place would you choose? I never thought about it. If I had thought about it, I probably wouldn't live in Lithuania. Im feeling so good here. Here are my relatives and friends. To tell you the truth, some of my relatives are trying to avoid winter here and are going to Fuerteventura. Sometimes I am also on the same wavelength of eliminating the rainy and cold days and go spending time there, but I can do it on one condition - that there must be my relatives. 
  • Are you a fan of nature or you prefer the city? It is a complicated question. At the moment I’m living in the village. Three years ago we moved from the capital and settled down near Alytus. I always thought I am a city woman, but nowadays I feel so good living in the countryside. In general, I think that both the city and the village, are equal for me and both have their own place in my heart. 
  • Which are the three most valuable things for you? No, I can't say......I can't exclude any! All things for me are important and can be very valuable, depending on every stage in life. 
  • Which event do you consider to be the most significant in your life? My son.  
  • Which is the philosophy of life that you follow? Your main idea? " What we share from the heart comes back seven times more”. 
  • Do you have a hobby? What kind?  Originally what I am doing today in life started as my first hobby. Then when I became a mother I developed my main activity into a hobby of rearing my child. I want to spend more and more time with him and do and do a lot with him. It is so interesting to see him growing up. Psychology is another hobby of mine and I am now dreaming how I can bring it to life again. I am now thinking more and more about other studies and activities. 
  • Why such a hobby? Because humanity has always been a very interesting subject to me, with all its emotions, characters, mental state, etc. Originally what I am doing today in life started as my first hobby. Then when I became a mother I developed my main activity into a hobby of rearing my child. I want to spend more and more time with him.........its so interesting to see him growing up. Psychology is another hobby of mine and I am now dreaming how I can bring it to life again. I am now thinking more and more about other studies and activities which I may take as hobbies. Why such a hobby? Because humanity has always been a very interesting subject to me, with all its emotions, characters, mental state and etc. 


“Beauty from the outside is never forever. So that’s it is so important to take care of your health, general mood and overall well-being“

  • Why are you proud of yourself?   MY FAMILY! In my younger years after passing through some difficult times I decided to work and live entirely for myself. Fortunately for me, things turned out otherwise and I am so happy for the family I managed to form in the meantime.
  • Why do you blame yourself? Sometimes I blame myself for not having the courage to speak my mind. Sometimes there are moments when I feel weak and underestimate myself. 
  • What about your perfect leisure? My time with the family – out in countryside, near the seaside or anywhere else. Just being with my loved ones is my best leisure. 

Everyone wishes to be recognized and appreciated ! So there is nothing strange that we usually see our great achievements through our professional work. Toma is in love with her hobby and main occupation. She is a trainer of Callanetics, having Psychology Education professionally and she is still aiming to reach higher goals in the process. Everyone should understand that most importantly is to listen to our heart and act accordingly. We also asked Toma a few questions about her professional life: 


  • In which area you feel you have excelled professionally? Do you consider you have been successful in life? What has made you proud of yourself? I always thought to work in the marketing sector and that would have been my main life activity. But unexpectedly, or maybe even expectedly, the sport that I always practiced took over my life and grew into a life time career and mission, which sincerely confess I am proud of (Toma is trainer of Callanetics). On the other hand, I always knew that I wilI do something with marketing and training/moving that's why I feel really good right now because I can realize these activities also eventually. Whilst my current business still present me with a great ambition, I have another passion which I want to explore. I have graduated in Psychology studies, a subject for which I have plenty of ideas which need further investigation. 

"The biggest motivation however comes from the ladies who say that I give them a good vibe and that they get a good feeling due to my influence."



  • In your life, if you could act, what would you do? Why? Well, I do what im doing right now!  I’m very lucky that my husband allows me to start with Callanetics <Toma is  smiling>. I would have lessons, interact with women, meet my best friends and stay with my family! And it is good not only for myself to do sport, but although to see how happy are other women after Callanetics lessons.
  • How you imagine your life after 5 years? What activities would you take? How would you look like? What would you have achieved? After 5 years I would like to see a happy and healthy son, my husband and relatives. I want to have my own place where I invite women for training/sport and work together to create a good feeling. And how would I look ...i think, I prefer like now! Of course, some wrinkles that appears  because of smile, I think it not disturb me too much.
  • What motivates you in your professional life? My family, more precisely, my husband, because he supported me from the very beginning to go for all my dreams. Big motivation for me also those women which are saying that they get a good feeling due to my influence. Good reviews from my customers helps me move forward.
  • If you had to sell yourself, what would you say about yourself? In my opinion, I don’t know how to do that. It is always difficult for me to say something about myself as I am.

“For me cloth collections associate with the designer herself.
Violeta is very feminine and gentle woman. ”



A good mood and self-confidence help each woman to achieve life goals. In fact, woman’s mood depends of nice dress, or any other cloth when she feels good. So we asked Toma about fashion and beauty influence in her life:



  • What requirements do you have for cloths? It depends on my mood as …I'm a woman. We know that mood can changes a lot, so cloths  also <Toma smiling>. But I can say, that always exist two main requirements: convenience and femininity. I like skirts, dresses. I wear trousers but and its mostly when im working, during lessons. I wear jeans, but its although more often in cold season. So in general my routine cloth are dresses and skirts. It is me.
  • What do you think about Bliss ByVioleta Clothing Collections? For me cloth collections associate with the designer herself. Violeta is very feminine and gentle woman. I think every collection is like a mirror of a designer, so that’s why I always follow the fashion news. In every collection I find what I am expecting to see, something feminine, gentle… Of course sometimes I am surprised by some not usual solutions that are different but always complete and interesting.
  • Why did you choose Bliss By Violeta? I have to admit that patriotism and love for my country  - it’s in my roots <Toma is smiling>. At the beginning, I was feeling proud by the fact that such wonderful clothes are created by my native people from Alytus! Later on, I was surprise also by quality and collections in general. 
  • What colors is dominated in your wardrobe? I have to say that’s, again, depends from my mood. Of course, everyone will tell you that Toma can’t live without green <All answers Toma wrote in green> And that's true. Green has an important place in my life, <she smiles> and not only in my wardrobe. Nowadays, I noticed, more and more pastel colors appear. By the way, black color always has its place. 
  • What does beauty mean to you? My mom is a professional beautician so in my life I was introduced a lot to beauty industry. Even now my mother takes care of my face skin and all the care measures. I have never bought any creams. As a woman, I think I’m lucky on this issue because I not only have professional attitude but also really save a lot on money (Toma is smiling). Until now, first of all beauty for me is associated with the beauty of facial skin. On the other hand, after discovering the sport, I realized that the sport also has influence for beauty because it creates a good feeling, i.e. a smile on the face, and a good feeling in the body in general. I am sure everything is related. Outside beauty not remain forever so that’s why it is important to take care of your health, general mood, overall well-being, inner.
  • What means style and fashion in your life? To tell the truth, I’m not big follower of it. I think I have a unique style and I like it so far. For me, unique style its not only cloth, its also way of life and character.
  • What is your general rule/formula for feeling well? To do sports, be active and love not only others but also myself. Also, everybody need to take care of her skin, hair, have spa and so on. And, most important, smile.
  • If you stay in desolate island and can take only one outfit, which you will take? Why? Dress, because it is a dress.


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