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I feel happy. The greatest gift in my life is that I have succeeded in finding life’s inspiration – a hobby – clothes design. I enjoy my life because there is no unanswered questions about who I what to be. And because of that I feel gifted, since a lot of people fail to ever find their calling, they are still looking. Nevertheless I admire them for looking, they are always trying something new, experiencing, failing and yet again trying, building, creating and maybe finally finding. 

I share my way of life with my husband – partner and my best friend. Together we paint our lives, fulfill one another and enjoy, that we are the kind of couple who don’t know how to argue, but know how to discuss and tolerantly hear each other’s opinion. The final decision is made so it contains a bit of both of us and that I consider as the base of our beautiful relationship. Our family became whole when we had children. As parents we feel that we raised our children properly, with right morals and that we passed on things we love to them. Our firstborn son became a part of Bliss By Violeta, he creates the visual information and generates exclusive ideas so that we could be more interesting and exciting to the audience we appeal to. Our other son creates beauty just like us, he is a constructor – an architect working in Stockholm. Our daughter grew up and became beautiful, young woman, in my opinion maybe a bit subjective.  She has only recently came to be a part of our team and turned out to be the face of Dreamy collection. We got a lot of compliments from surrounding people that our models are beautiful and I can only agree with that.

My good mood and well-being are based on physical activities. I enjoy working out, doing yoga, having a healthy diet, also I’m interested in Chinese medicine. It is important for me to know my body and soul, to understand why I feel exactly how I feel and how my body reacts to certain decisions. 

I’m big nature lover. I feel and love all verdure surrounding me. I plant and form all kinds of plants in my garden. In each one of them I find inspiration, tranquility additionally I can observe the never-ending cycle of growth and change which is truly magical. Every time I give a piece of myself to the nature, I feel that it generates a lot of positive energy towards me and my family, after all it is always decorating my surroundings. I love discovering new, never-seen plants, so I admire trips because there is always something to discover and bring home.

If you would ask me what are my working hours, I would answer that they are all of my hours. I’m a designer with all my body and soul, all week days and every moment. I can find inspiration at any moment in my life: while gardening, listening to music, traveling, meeting someone new or just by doing ordinary household work. As my strength I consider my need to constantly improve myself, learn new things. I don’t believe that being a good artist means being caught up in one idea and leading it for the rest of your life, our world is changing rapidly and so is our environment. I think that if we want to take everything from life, to feel the true spirit of our timeline and to be modern people we have to change along with the world. I’m always curious as to what’s new, what are the forecasts, because this is mine, my children’s future and the future where I will no longer be in, so I try to take everything that this world has to offer me today.  

I’m a reasonable designer, I feel a constant thirst for innovations. Primary collection models are born on an iPad, not on a piece of paper, even though that’s how most people imagine designer’s sketches. I attend world-wide exhibitions. I’m not only interested in new technologies, but also in their real life applications to clothes making, modeling and sewing process. My designed clothes are not just inspiration expressed to clothing. Bliss By Violeta clothes are backed by the latest technologies, developed with the principles of professional fashion. 

Customer evaluation is my highest vocational achievement. I do it for them and I love every single client, because just they, while wearing my designed clothes, confirm that everything I do, I do for a reason. I’m a maximalist, I think not only technologically, my clothes must meet the standards of comfort.  I myself love to wear not just beautiful, but also unrestricting clothes. I don’t agree with the saying that beauty requires sacrifice aka discomfort. High level fashion has to provide maximal satisfaction.

I value communication between me and my clients. I’m still amazed that they want to meet me, to know me. I have always considered myself as an ordinary person who has discovered an interesting path of life and I have never thought that women cared about whose created clothing they are wearing. However, as any home can have positive or negative aura, I think that my clothing have my aura. Knowing that I create with great devotion and love, I believe, that women can feel that part of me in my collections. 

Clothing, style and fashion play an important role in my life. I’m not only talking about myself as a designer, but also as a woman. I know that the day your outfit is stylish and you feel beautiful is perfect: everything goes well, your mood is good and nothing, and nobody can ruin it. The day you hastily put on random clothes is wrecked. Every day I want to feel great and give joy to others and because of that I always responsibly pick out outfit of that special day, after all, every day is special.I am glad that I can influence everyday life of other women and turn a day into a special one when they put on my created clothes.


Violeta wears Linen Eliza dress "sakura" color, Linen Calcuta blouse "white" color, Linen Wasabi apron, Linen Monica trousers "denim" color, Linen New York blouse "cream" color.

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