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#Forconscious #women about #Fast_Fashion

You probably have heard about this concept - fast fashion - but did you ever considered it properly? As a fashion designer I feel obliged to share information and contribute to its promotion in a sustainable way. No, I'm not going to talk about  #BlissByVioleta clothes and that they are better than the others, this time I wish to  discuss important issues for our planet.

Fashion industry is one of the major polluters globally

Everyday we are bombarded with information about the environment, nature’s conservation, reducing air pollution levels etc. but honestly in most cases we associate it directly to plastics, oil spillage or household waste, etc. but truthfully the fashion industry is one of the major polluters globally. The production of synthetic fabrics generates lots of pollutants through the consumption of large amounts of cheap chemicals such as green oils and other biodegradable substance.

People constantly desire new stylish (fashionable) clothing

People constantly desire new stylish (fashionable) clothing which creates in itself an unsustainable demand. We cant buy so many clothes created by designers so mass-produced brands create copies of clothing created by designers in large quantities at a low price. This mass production led to the uncontrolled use of synthetic fabrics and harmful chemicals such as dyes. 

The other negative issue (dark side) of the story is the manufacture process which involves thousands of third world workers, including (underage) children who are made to work at heavily underpaid wages and in terrible (inhuman) conditions. 

As I said at the beginning, now I dont want to talk about clothes, just I want to emphasize that for me, as fashion designer, those facts are very important and Bliss By Violeta brand contributes to sustainable fashion.
This is done through the use of eco-friendly technologies in production and resources. Also we’re constantly looking at more effective ways in avoiding waste. 

This is done by precise ways in cutting out material from templates thus allowing less material to waste

Several times we alter or refine (review) our templates/patterns at the last minutes before production to keep waste of material to the minimum. Nowadays our employees follow our example and contribute in reducing waste by Utilizing leftover material in making multi-usage bags, fabric material samples. We also donate unused fabrics to charity to make better use to them. #Tip for those who care  - Less is more – so change from quantity to quality. Choose cloth from natural fabrics and that will allow you to dress up for several seasons.


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